Press Release: Advisory Team Trifecta 1 year ago

June 12, 2018

Three of the most influential blockchain experts have joined the VolAir team.

Basel, Switzerland: Today,, a blockchain based private jet & luxury lifestyle company, announced three new advisory team members. Nikolay Shkilev, Vladimir Nikitin, and Philip Nunn have hopped onboard (pun intended) to bring their extensive expertise and experience in blockchain to the VolAir advisory board. As VolAir is gearing up for their token sale, set for September, 2018, Nikolay, Vladimir and Philip bring the trifecta of first-class professionalism in investments, ICO and cryptocurrencies.

Together, Nikolay, Vladimir and Philip, have cultivated over fifteen years of world-class professionalism and experience in the finance, law, retail and IT industries. Combined they have created, advised, and invested in countless highly reputable crypto and blockchain startups.  As crypto enthusiasts and dedicated supporters/advocators of blockchain technology, they provide invaluable knowledge with regards to strategy, trading and exchange.

All three are listed in the ICOBench (top-7) and active advisors in more than 25 ICO-projects. Each is an expert, influencer, and accomplished advisor in their own right, but combined they bring a 300,000+ networking community. Together, we look forward to bringing the people the latest in private jet charters and luxury lifestyle.

Nikolay, Vladimir and Philip, welcome aboard the VolAir team.


VolAir is bringing private jet charters & luxury lifestyle to the people. VolAir is gearing up to provide easy access, through our upcoming app, to offer everyone the best possible private jet rates & accompanying lifestyle. Along with accessibility, you will be able to get loyalty bonuses with your VOL wallet and exclusive benefits from our partners. We are striving to bring the private jet luxury lifestyle, previously only dreamt of, to you. While others are obsessing on moon lambos, we want to bring you closer to the moon, in luxury. For additional information visit our website.


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