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Download the VolAir upcoming app, which gives you offers to the best private jet rates across all our partners, as well as access to other benefits from our other partners.


The more VOL you hold in your wallet, the more benefits you get. The more VOL you spend with our partners, the more benefits you get. It’s win, win!


We pride ourselves in looking after our customers, so you get the best service you deserve with VolAir. We bring a lifestyle to you, that you could only previously dream of; from app to flight and beyond.


We are the only company that offers, not only a VIP service getting you to and from your destination, but also fungible tokens for your loyalty to VolAir. The more you fly, the more you earn. No other company does this!

VolAir Reward Tiers

We don’t believe in charging our customers up front fees to use our services, or to get the best prices. So we give you the best prices we can offer and if you hold VOL tokens, give you even more benefits! See what you can get in our rewards program

Ruby Tier

25,000 VOL

* Hold for initial 3 months

* Monthly VOL rewards airdrop of 0.5% thereafter

* More rewards to come

Gold Tier

50,000 VOL

* Hold for initial 3 months

* Monthly VOL rewards airdrop of 1.0% thereafter

* More rewards to come

Platinum Tier

100,000 VOL

* Hold for initial 3 months

* Monthly VOL rewards airdrop of 1.5% thereafter

* More rewards to come

Black Tier

500,000 VOL

* Hold for initial 3 months

* Monthly VOL rewards airdrop of 2.0% thereafter

* More rewards to come

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What We Do

At VolAir, we want all our customers to get the best possible private jet charter experience, and the best prices with no upfront fees.

No membership fees, no subscription, just the best VIP treatment you deserve.

What’s more, we are the first Jet Charter company to reward our customers for their loyalty to VolAir with fungible points; VOL.

Using blockchain smart contracts and our own VOL coins, just like any other airline frequent flyer club, you are rewarded with VOL each time you fly with us; The difference is, those VOL tokens have a real world value. Not only can you exchange the against flights, and that’s any flight, not what you’re told by the airline, but you can also exchange them for their real dollar value.

The Team

Our team has a great mix of skills across blockchain, crypto, business, luxury brands and aviation. The perfect mix to deliver you the best possible service for all your luxury travel needs.

Co Founder & CEO Ross is a serial entrepreneur and has a passion building new technology for the masses

Ross Jones

Founder & CTOKristof has a wealth of experience in the blockchain and technology sector, and is a genius on a computer.

Kristof Kowalski

SVP Engineering Martin has extensive experience in building startups and his code quality is second to none.

Martin Laukkanen

Senior Blockchain DeveloperIvan has an expert level of blockchain development, across multiple chains, networks and languages.

Ivan Brenko

Middle East Advisor - Jet SmarterMohamed brings his experience from Jet Smarter as well as a wealth of knowledge from the middle east & luxury sector

Mohamed Munjed

NetJets VP - Aviation Tech AdvisorAs Chief Enterprise Architect of Netjets, Troy understands all the difficulties of scaling technology & challenges in this space

Troy Gibson

Marketing & Community ManagerEliana has a passion for travel and all things blockchain, and brings huge experience growing markets

Eliana Densow

AdvisorWith a slew of successful ICOs under his belt, Nikolay brings great strength to the VolAir team

Nikolay Shkilev

Marketing Advisor As one of the top ICO advisors in the business Phillip's reputation in marketing proceeds him.

Phillip Nunn

AdvisorWith a background in Law, Finance and Marketing Vladimir also sits in the top 10 of ICO advisors .

Vladimir Nikitin

Marek Sieczko

We are building out our team, if you're interesting in joining our expanding team, email us below!

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