Advisor Highlight - Nikolay Shkilev 1 year ago


We, here at Volair, are taking off and gearing up to reach new heights with our three newest advisors. We wanted to highlight each advisor for people to get a better understanding of the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise the bring to the advisory team.

Nikolay Shilev is a crypto enthusiast and mentor with over twenty years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He entered into the blockchain sphere from the economic field, in which he owns various successful enterprises. He has been recognized for his many accomplishment through a slew of awards and titles in the IT business, such as, Self-made Russia award, tech guru, Super TOP (to name a few). He founded and is the CEO of Private Business Club which was award the “Enterprise of the Year” award in the Kremlin.

As a successful entrepreneur and investor, he would receive thousands of offers which were either doomed or no chance of development or escalating. Eventually, it all became boring because he wanted to go beyond one country, one region, to see perspective projects from all over the world. He wanted to operate in a world without borders, policy or sanctions. Luckily, this was around the era of the Blockchain and ICO, which granted him access to a plethora of projects and startups from around the world. He soon realized the excitement and fulfillment of the blockchain era.

As being one of the Top-5 of ICO advisors and blockchain experts (ICOBench), he receives around 40-50 requests, daily, where he is asked to rate, become an advisor or look at a project, etc. With receiving this large number of requests, he has to decline quite a few. He has been quoted saying, “I take a few ICO projects under my advisement, but only those in which I can see some real prospects and potential”.  He prides himself on truly analyzing a team, their experience and relevance of the idea in addition to the degree of product readiness. As an advisor, one can easily assist with strengthening a company’s weak parts but you cannot change the team or project’s idea. Volair is excited Nikolay agreed to come aboard and assist in achieving new heights with us and our advisory team.

We thrilled Nikolay has joined our ever-growing advisory team.  Nikolay, welcome to the Volair Team.

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