Development Update #5 9 months ago

WOW! We are on development update five! Have you read all of them?

The development team (The Unsung Heroes) has been busy getting tasks done behind the scenes since the last update. There have been massive developments as were gearing up for our ICO and preparing for takeoff. We are approaching cruising altitude and [the captains] wanted to update everyone on what has been happening in the cockpit.

The following are some of our milestones

1. Smart Contracts. also known as, the code that is arranged onto the Ethereum blockchain, usually in connection with how money flows. This code is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller. If you need a Crypto Lingo refresher, click here.

  • The ICO Smart Contract  is done, and deployed to Ethereum mainnet. Just in time for everyone to register and get some $VOL!
  • The VolAir Smart Contract is in late stages of development with work being done daily to perfect it.

2. Infrastructure, basically the backbone to the app.

  • The Proof of Concept is DONE, with automated deployments and auto-scaling of back-end infrastructures on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Development is still in progress, with automated deployments and auto-scaling of back-end infrastructures on AWS.

3. Back-end. When you think of back-end and front-end development, think of a house. The front end does the painting and interior design of a house built by the back end.

  • The ElasticSearch is DONE, aircraft and airport indexes functioning for hyper-local and geospatial searching. Along with various aircraft types.
  • The Admin Portal is in progress, early stages of the portal will allow the administration of back-end systems.
  • The Partner Admin Portal is in progress, early stages of the portal are underdevelopment to allow partners to manage their fleet of aircraft and offers.

4. Mobile Wallet

  • The iOS is in progress, wallet stores ETH, VOL and any other ERC-20 tokens, along with allowing the searching of locations along with aircrafts. Exciting things! Did you read the post with Matt, our iOS developer? Here.
  • The Android app development has not started as of yet.

This was a BIG update- Thanks guys! Massive things are going on behind the scenes and we love sharing them with the Vol Community. We hope shedding some light on the progress will get you all excited as well. Check back in two weeks for another development update!

Connect with us on Discord for daily updates and to get inVOLved.  Comments and questions are encouraged and welcomed: [email protected].

Also, if you are still confused about the lingo used here, check in this Friday for the new Crypto Lingo post! You refresh your memory with the other two Here and Here.

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