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Mainly because our app is about to hit the Apple store very soon. One of the main people behind getting our iOS App out is Matt (he likes bikes), who have been ensconced in the iOS app development and crypto world for quite some time. We are excited to have him on the team and even more excited about his drafts of the app (just you wait!). Matt has several years of crypto experience and has developed several iOS apps from gaming to social networking.

We recently sat down to ask him a few questions about his iOS development experience and excitement for VolAir.

Q: How did you get started in developing iOS applications?

A: It all started out of interested. I was bored, started reading about it, slowly picked up the code and just took it from there. I really enjoyed it, so I just kept on doing it. It eventually turned from a pastime into something more.

Q: As an iOS developer, you make all the background code, look appealing to the eye. What are some apps that you envy?

A: My own, (PiCommand Pro) Haha. Oh, and the standard Apple apps with the clean UI, like the Apple music App.

Q: You’ve developed social networking apps and gaming apps, what makes crypto apps different?

A: I regards to the basic design like the UI and layout of the App it is fairly similar to the kind of App I’m used to developing, the major difference with the VolAir App is it has to be able to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and be designed with security in mind.

Q: When did you get into Crypto?

A: At the beginning of 2017. I bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum. Later I got into mining with a friend and between us we had a fairly decent sized mining farm totaling 42 1080Ti graphics cards. Then toward the end of 2017 and into 2018 the market crashed, but at that point we had already broken even so decided to sell off all the equipment. We are now pretty heavily invested in several successful masternode projects.

Q: Do you own any alt coins?

A: Not as many as I once did but I still own some Monero, Ripple, Litecoin and a handful of others.

Q: As an iPhone user, the software is constantly updating, do you have to update the software to keep up with Apple?

A: Yes, we are constantly updating with the new iOS versions released by Apple. We have to make sure the app is up to date and making use of the latest new features in each iteration of iOS. It can take a good amount of Dev time to integrate all the latest and greatest software advancements.

Q: What excites you the most about VolAir?

A: I believe there is a huge gap in the market for VolAir and with the dedicated team we have can see VolAir being very successful in the future.

Q: If you could fly one private jet, what would it be?

A: Gulfstream G50

Q: What would be your top destination to fly on a private jet?

A: Las Vegas


We have a great leadership, partners and advisory team with extensive knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, Technology, Aviation and Luxury lifestyle; and we look forward to sharing their expertise with the VolAir community. Stay Tuned.

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