Development Update #1 12 months ago

Here at VolAir we are not just private jets, luxury travel and awesome blogs, we have an amazing technology team who are tirelessly working on developing an amazing product. As with most technology departments, they do not get the street-cred they deserve, so we want to highlight their achievements with “Development Updates”. Now if you are like me, most of the lingo and terminology will be foreign to you, so feel free to reach out – They’d love to shed some like on this emerging technology.

Summary: Many behind the scene development tasks have taken place. We’re still early in the development lifecycle of the product. On top of that, we have several ongoing discussions with new partners, which we’re hoping to share very soon. Be excited!

Back-end: Currently on the back-end, we are in the first draft and development of the ERC20/ERC721 ‘VOL’ tokens. In the process of migrating out git repositories from GitHub to GitLab – . Simultaneously, we are building out of back-end search API and infrastructure; along with building out back-end core data API. Additionally, the smart contract design and initial pre-validation are underway.

Front-End: On the front-end of things, we are testing React for application Web UI and Native for Android/iOS mobile wallet development.

There you go, short and sweet. We are exciting about what is going on behind the scenes and hope shedding some light on the progress will get you all excited as well.

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