Advisor Highlight – Vladimir Nikitin 12 months ago


The final (but definitely First-Class) advisor highlight from our advisor trifecta is Vladimir Nikitin.

Vladimir Nikitin has over ten years of providing World - Class professional and legal consulting in the areas of finance, retail, hospitality and IT industries. Although he achieved much success, he was constantly searching to learn new things and acquire more knowledge. A few years back, he helped advise several ICO projects, in Russia with regards to their legal issues; and received a few Bitcoins and crypto currency in exchange for his services. This sparked his interest in the ever-evolving Bitcoin information. Soon enough, he came across blockchain technology, and saw the immense potential, and predicted it would be implemented in various sectors within the years to come.

Over the past three years, he has created quite the name for himself in the crypto/blockchain space. By being a supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, he has developed a thriving network of over 30,000+ contact. While being #1 on People of Blockchain and the #1 advisor on ICO bench, he carefully selects the projects to which he provides consultancy and advice, as the knowledge, experience and expertise he brings is invaluable.

He believes the key to a successful ICO is a for a company to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and team members with huge levels of experience. Other factors include having a strong advisory team to pilot the ICO into new heights and the right direction, as well as a good marketing plan. His enthusiasm about blockchain technology along with proven and innovative methods has led him to massive success with the projects he has advised.

He believes the meaning of his life is a process of constantly overcoming new boundaries and achieving better results.

VolAir is looking forward to learning from and working with Vladimir to achieve new heights. Welcome aboard, Vladimir, we are honored to have you on our advisory team.

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