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Most people who fly private want to ensure they arrive at their destination on time and in the best physical and mental state. In the world’s largest market there are about 17,000 private jets, but not all are created equal. Below is the list of the top ten most popular private jets, according to recent study by PrivateFly.

Number One: Cessna Citation Mustang

Why: Flies higher than others at 41,000 feet, so you miss terrible weather, it has a comfortable cabin, average flight time just over an hour, seats 2-3 passengers comfortably, certified for single pilot operation. It is primarily used for business and personal use but has also been a successful air ambulance and as the primary jet trainer for civil and airline use. Jack J. Pelton, Cessna’s Chairman, President and CEO. “The Citation Mustang builds upon this legacy and fills a void in the turbine aircraft market by offering customers a cabin-class, single pilot business jet aircraft with impressive performance at a fraction of the cost.” We see why it is ranked number one.


Number Two: Cessna Citation XLS family

Why: Stand-up cabin for the extra comfort, longer flight range, largest external luggage area in its class makes it ideal for ski season, accommodates 6-7 comfortably, climbs to cruise altitude in just 15mins, take off at slower speeds which allows for shorter runways opening up to more destinations. Currently the World’s best-selling business jet.


Number Three: Cessna Citation jets

Why: They get you to your destination faster than virtually all other private jets, reduce time of coast to coast by 35mins, includes 6-8 executive seats and large baggage area. It three words it provides; simplicity, economy and performance.They are great for entry-level private jet business aviation.


Number Four: Embraer Phenom 100

Why: Excellent takeoff, meaning more access to shorter runways in places like the alps, larger windows which offer a sense of elegance and space, folding staircase making passenger access easier, flat floor in the luggage compartment providing more space for valuables, typically seats 4 passengers. Currently operated as part of the UK military flying training system.


Number Five: Beechcraft Super King Air

Why: Since its inception in 1969, it has been the most successful turbine powered business aircraft model of all time, comfortably seating 8 persons, access to airports with shorter runways meaning more exclusive places. Addition to business use, it is often used for medical and military excursions as well.


Number Six: Bombardier Learjet 45

Why: Comfortably seats 8 persons, high altitude flight capacity for smooth and direct efficiency. The best climb rate of the category of super light business jets and has high cruise speeds. One can get from Cannes to Budapest in 1h30, or Ibiza to London in 1h45m.

Number Seven: Bombardier Challenger 850

Why: One of the largest, most productive and comfortable corporate cabins available, with range and hourly rate much like smaller jets. Transcontinental capabilities with an extremely comfortable interior and noise reduction technology to ensure peaceful journey.


Number Eight: Bombardier Challenger 350

Why: Accommodates 9 persons with ease with impressive range, runway capability. Additionally, it has transcontinental range, cabin cross-section nearly the same as large cabin long-range aircrafts. With a non-stop at a cruise speed of Mach 0.83, you can fly from Tokyo to Singapore in comfort.


Number Nine: Piaggio Avanti

Why: Italy. It blends Italian style with incomparable craftsmanship. It has greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel cost, lower noise and faster than most jets. It stands alone in intelligence and elegance while comfortably accommodating 8 persons.


Number Ten: Embraer Phenom 300

Why: It provides natural light, comfort and elegance with more luggage space than you can probably fill. 6 persons can be connected to most European cities with extremely competitive prices while maintaining great fuel efficiency.


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