May Update 1 year ago

It’s May, and we’ve been working hard bringing everything in line with our roadmap, so I also thought it was a good time to officially update you all with our progress, too.

From the start we wanted to ensure we built something that would fit our users, and be useful. As such, the importance of partners is key in this. What’s a private jet chartering app without private jets?

As of today we have access to over 12,500 jets for you to book within our app. Wherever you could want to go, we can cover you. This was a big start.

Secondly, we wanted to make sure we built out in phases. This would be to ensure we have time to work out workflows with our partners on the plane front, as well as standardizing data on the input front across all partners to prepare for phase 2.

So what is phase one? I hear you all asking…

Our phase one app allows users to firstly hold their VOL tokens in the apps wallet (as well as transfer in and out), and search for planes for your journey and enquire about the booking. If the booking is successfully made and confirmed, you as the customer get rewarded in VOL tokens to your wallet. Simple.

We are in the process of developing this at the moment and will keep you updated on progress of the app and wallet, but they will be available prior to our token sale.

Phase two goes much deeper and allows booking directly via the app, and will use smart contracts to handle this in the background. On top of this our partner web UI will allow them to manage their bookings through their interface.

What’s more, the app will feature our tiers to our loyalty program, each one will become available as we onboard more partners giving you, our users, the very best deals and aftercare you could wish for.

While we’ve been busy with planes and our application, we’ve also been onboarding more and more people to the team. I shall post an update introducing these to you very soon that will give you some insight into our business strategy.

Always happy to answer questions, please just drop us a message and remember, don’t forget to join our telegram group

- VolAir Team

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