Jet Pictures for Sale 12 months ago

We have some fakers among us.

We all have scrolled through countless accounts drooling with envy over travel and luxury posts, but it never crossed my mind people could be paying for the shot. The Independent wrote an article about instagrammers paying for photos with grounded private jets.

According to the Independent article, a Russian company is not offering private jet flights but rather a Private Jet Studio to make your Instagram followers think you are living the luxury lifestyle. They photo/video shoots with a professional photographer starts at around 200 Euros. The company is targeting aspiring travel and luxury lifestyle “influencers” the chance to pretend they are living the lifestyle they are promoting.

The Private Jet Studio uses a grounded private plane, a Gulfstream G65, which they describe as “the biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft”. They offer three options to get the perfect picture; two-hour shoot, 24-hour shoot or at night from 9PM – 8PM. They have everything to make sure people really believe you are chartering the most luxurious jets on the market.

As the old saying goes, “don’t believe everything you see on the internet”.

The internet is a wonderful place.

We promise not to take any fake #JetLife selfies. We wanted you all be on the lookout for fakers and send feel free to send them to us to book a jet that actually flies.

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