Development Update #3 11 months ago

We are in the middle of our ICO Pre Sale and gearing up for the official ICO, which is less than six weeks away. Our development team has been forging ahead and making some great progress.

Summary: Continuation of development our back-end infrastructure based on the requirements of our partners. We’re working closely with them so that we can provide more concise estimates in our application for the end user, as well as helping our partners streamline their aircraft availability process.

Backend: Tirelessly fine tuning the search properties for airport indexes, properties for aircraft fuel costs and properties for air crew fees. Investigating integration various methods of Ethereum based wallet. Along with evaluating features of varying Ethereum API providers, and testing smart contract deployed to Kovan.

Frontend: We have been task planning for web frontend implementation and for the mobile application/wallet. While continuing to work on iOS application/wallet design.

Product: The finalization of VolAir Rewards (monthly airdrops). WHOO!

We are exciting about what is going on behind the scenes and hope shedding some light on the progress will get you all excited as well. Check back in two weeks for another development update…A little bird told me there are some very exiting projects to be finalized by the next update.

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