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Here at VolAir, we have the luxury of having the 2nd highest rated ICO Expert, per ICO Bench, on our advisory team,Vladimir Nikitin. He took the time out of his day to answer some questions from our VolAir community.

Q: Since being rated Number 2 (congratulations, by the way), how many ICO projects do you receive daily? How do you choose which to join? Are you a one-man team?

A: Thanks for a congratulation. Every day I receive from 3 to 10 offers to become the adviser in a project. In a month, I sign an agreement with about 1-2 projects. My team consists of myself and two assistants.

Q: A Statistic state that 50% of ICO project fail, what do you think are the top three reasons why projects fail?

A: From where do you have such statistics? I think that it is more closer to 75% of projects of projects fail. In my opinion, the 3 reasons of failures of projects are:

  1. The hope for easy money; we no longer live in the time when only the website and white paper could attract millions of dollars.
  2. The lack of experience in real business, the ICO project is a usual just a startup.
  3. The current market of cryptocurrencies and ICO; cryptocurrencies are more than 6 months in falling while the number of ICOs has exceeded 5000 projects.

Q: We have seen over the past year, a volatile Bitcoin currency. Do you think it will eventually stable itself out?

A: Not yet, maybe in a few years, when market cap will be more 5 trillion dollars. Now is initial stage of crypto space.

Q: Cryptocurrencies are high-risk and high-reward. What advice do you have for people entering the cryptosphere?

A: Be careful with investing in ICO projects and Hold main cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XMR, DASH)

Q: Are you more bearish or bullish?

A: I am not active trader, but for sure I like when market is bullish

Q: From your legal experience and understanding of law, what do you think of the class-action lawsuit against Facebook for banning crypto ICO ads?

A: They have every right to ban ICO ads (they are banned ICO ads, not Crypto at all).

Q: ETH or BTC? What could be their biggest competitor in the future?

A: Personally, ETH is better and soon can be the first coin in trading volume. Coin on quantum blockchain and potential coin from top-5 exchanges, if they are create platform like Waves with automatically listing on internal exchange, it can be very popular and soon they are will do it for sure.

Q: What industry could benefit the most from blockchain technology?

A: Many industries can use blockchain (for me Big data projects on blockchain).

Q: How do you explain to the younger generations the importance and/or future of cryptocurrencies?

A: Younger generation will know better than me in crypto :). It’s important and potentially can change current situation with US Dollar hegemony, SWIFT and World bank. It is beneficial for everyone in the world.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: Lawyer and Economist, as I am now.


We have a great leadership and advisory team with extensive knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, Aviation and Luxury lifestyle; and we look forward to sharing their expertise with the VolAir community.

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