Ask an… Engineer 12 months ago


Another round of questions with Martin Laukkanen (still haven’t quite figured out how to pronounce his last name) our SVP of Engineering.

Also, a man of few words….


What excites you the most about VolAir?

A: As someone who has collected just about every proprietary reward / mile / point type out there what’s not to love about an open, decentralized and fungible reward?

How would you explain Blockchain to a child?

A: Lego, that’s blocky right?

What three reasons why Volair is using the Ethereum blockchain?

A:The Ethereum platform maturity, stability and the solidity smart contract language can be quickly leveraged to allow us focus on what we do best and not have to re-invent the wheel.

Will you do user testing?

A: Yes.

What are the real differences between UI/UX and front-end developer/development?

A: “Developer answer” – in other words: “what Google told me”:

IOs or Android?

A: Both. Well iOS first, but that’s just me.

What is a Smart Contract? Why is it important?

A: Smart contracts are the glue that web3 applications are built on, in our case they allow us to build our immutable reward ledger in an open, standard and validated way.

How do you feel about Microsoft acquiring GitHub?

A: We use GitLab, enough said?

If you could chart one jet, what would it be and to where?

A: Moon.


Each week will have a Q&A wit a member of the team. If you would like to submit a question, please email [email protected] . We would love to hear from you!

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