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We have been busy working on our Bounty Campaign and gearing up for the main sale, but we are back on the blog! We are lucky enough to have a variety of advisors assisting the team. One of the these advisors is Mohamed Munjed. Mohamed has spent over 10 years in the luxury lifestyle industry in the Middle East, managing accounts and building business. He brings an understanding of the space that cannot be matched to help us scale in the space and region.

We recently sat down to ask him a few questions about his luxury experience and excitement for VolAir.

Q: JetSmarter operates all over the world. What are some of the biggest differences between the US and Middle Eastern Market?


  • The Middle Eastern customer will use the private jets if he can afford it, in the US the customers will use it if they need it and if it is practical for them, as some of our targeted clients in the US can afford private jets however they prefer to travel business or First class
  • US clients are ready to pay more to book a new shuttle “other than the scheduled ones” if needed, while the Middle Eastern clients will stick to the scheduled flights and schedule their meetings or trips accordingly.
  • 40% of our Middle Eastern members are leisure travelers due to the routs between KSA and Dubai, wealthy individuals and youths who would like to spend their weekend in Dubai or go around Europe, while in the US businessmen are almost 93%

Q: What are the top destinations in the Middle East or from the Middle East?


Inside the middle east :

  • Dubai
  • Cairo
  • Beirut
  • Morocco
  • Riyadh
  • Jeddah

Outside the middle east:

  • Paris
  • London
  • India
  • Istanbul

Q: You have a hospitality background, what made you get into private jets? Is it similar?

I wanted to experience more sectors in the hospitality industry, I covered hotels, travel agencies, Sports hospitality then I wanted to work in Airlines and private jets to expand my tourism and hospitality experience, one day my goal is to be a hospitality professional promoting a destination such as working for the UAE or the Jordanian tourism board, or in the DTCM “department of tourism and commercial marketing”

Q: Over the past 5 years, how has the industry changed with technology?

A: Definitely, you can see that the everyone prefers the friendly user websites or an applications to book their holidays from A to Z, rather than going to a travel agent or to the airline office. slowly we are seeing that travel agencies business is disappearing and the OTA’s, tour operators and booking engines are growing

More creative applications and booking engines are available day by day where you can charter or book your flight from your phone made people more knowledgeable about private Jets.a passenger can book his flight from his computer and get the availability and price immediately, compare prices and jets rather than waiting for few options from the agent.

Q: The world is growing more global by the day, how has this affected the general aviation industry? Are businessmen more inclined not to charter a flight than book first class?

A: Considering the current economic situation, the number of business owners flying private jets is slowly growing, When it comes to a corporate, many companies prohibit their employees to fly private jets, maybe the CEO level

Q: How have membership/subscriptions hurt general aviation?

A: With the current technology and social media boom, people got to know how affordable flying private or chartered shuttles compared to the general idea they had, General aviation did not expect to have private jet charters as competition, they started considering the membership prices during the pricing and yielding processes, airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar airways started upgrading their business and first class, this is when we started seeing cabins, suites and showers on the plane.

Q: Now, as an advisor with VolAir, what excites you about Blockchain?

A: I believe Blockchain is the future of any business transaction. very secured, advanced and it will reduce and one day delete all the routine processes

Q: Besides VolAir, do you have a coin that you are are watching?

A: No

Q: What excites you about VolAir?

A: A young company, dynamic and a creative idea Excited to start with VolAir and happy to grow with it

Q: What is your favorite plane to charter?

A: I like the Learjet 60, classy and suitable for small trips


We have a great leadership and advisory team with extensive knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, Aviation and Luxury lifestyle; and we look forward to sharing their expertise with the VolAir community. Stay Tuned.


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