What is VOL?

With VolAir you don’t just receive great service and the best priced private jet flights for your needs, but you get VOL in return for using us.

So what is it?

VOL is a fungible token, that you can exchange directly for it’s monetary value. A blockchain token that is used by us, to help reward you for being our customer.

Much like traditional frequent flyer points, the more you have, the better the benefits you get through VolAir. On your VolAir app you have a VOL wallet where you will receive VOL when you book your flights. They can either be sent to an exchange and traded for their bitcoin or dollar value, or you can keep them to use off the price of flights, or to get to the next tier level in our program.

You can see more about our tiers on the home page, with more and more offers for each tier due all the time. The higher tier you are, the more you’ll unlock as options. Also, the higher tier you are, the more VOL you will earn when you fly!

We want you to know that we value your custom, so you should get something back for that. VOL isn’t like every other non blockchain frequent flyer program, where you get told how and when you can use your “points”. No, VOL is equal to $$$ to you, and can be used how you like.

Our future partners will not just cover flights but other areas of luxury travel, with exclusive deals given to those at the appropriate tier. Get yourself to the exclusive BLACK tier to open up the ultimate experience for all of your needs.

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