VolAir Beating the Bears in 2019! 1 year ago

It’s no secret that 2018 for crypto wasn’t the most fun journey for most. In fact, especially following 2017 highs, the landscape was pretty dire. But just because crypto itself was dire, doesn’t mean it was bad for blockchain and that is a big difference.

We always knew it was going to be a challenge, launching any sort of fund raising, especially when our market is very niche and the market in general was looking for “the new internet” or some such monumental life changing 1000x project.

That didn’t stop us from pushing on and, despite being of the 41% of ICOs to raise $0. Yes, that’s what we raised. Zero. It wasn’t, and won’t ever be the end of VolAir! You see, while everyone was HODLing, or crying about their ATLs on their portfolios, and the ICOs to previously raise 10s of millions of dollars were busy doing god knows what; At VolAir HQ we were busy building.

We have always been confident in the business model we have, and the strategy moving forwards. Sure, we have had to make some adjustments when your budget is so small, but when you have a solid business model and a fantastic team of extremely great, passionate people, it’s not a surprise great things can happen.

So what’s next for VolAir?

We’re currently pushing on to release v1.0 of the VolAir iOS app. We are making great progress, and again, this has slipped in terms of timelines due to lack of funds, but what hasn’t compromised is the quality we’re delivering.

The app has everything we hoped to deliver, and more. Not only that, it looks fantastic (this is an old preview, but really, it’s brilliant!) and it works brilliantly. Having seen, and used, some of the questionable apps that have been released by companies who raised $50m, I’m beyond proud of the work of the team.

We have the last 2 remaining features to finish on the app and we’re ready for some testing (we’ll publish this and get some testers on board) on testflight and then we can officially launch.

We’re also trying to find a friendly exchange for VOL; This landscape is one I’ve spent countless hours trying to find not only something within our non existent budget, but also that isn’t: A scam, Awful, Full of faked volume, dodgy, or a total rip off.

I’ve had so many offers of “new” exchanges come to me, offering to list us for anywhere between 2-10BTC. Promises of great volume, which when you dig a bit deeper, it’s all false.

While V1.0 of the VolAir app doesn’t support purchasing of flights using VOL natively, it’s in the backlog, but of course we need to be able to do this using an exchange. We’re talking to a number of people and exchanges to make this so, which is where some of my time is being spent.

If you build it they will come…

Now, I don’t believe this in the slightest. What I do believe in, is the power of a well thought out marketing strategy and network of key industry players. Having said that, we’ve already had people reaching out to us to use the app, asking for the release date. Our plane broker has a vast network of clients also looking forward to the delivery of the app, and we have people we’ve built relationships with on the ground across 4 continents ready to push out the app in the right circles.

You see, we have built this as a business first. We have thought, planned and built something that has the ability to generate revenue from day 1 of launch. We’ve also built real utility into our business model. Something that I think a lot of companies have forgotten along the way, this is a business you’re building.

While it would be nice to have raised a bunch of cash, it actually taught us to really hustle. We have to make hard decisions, and really think about our priorities. I’m not going to pretend its been easy for the team, it really hasn’t, but the fact that we are still here, and we haven’t faltered in passion and quality of our work has to say something.

Keep your eyes on VolAir, because we’re set to take off. Buckle up, we’re going to fly… or any other flying related puns I can fit in here!

The industry needs more companies utilising blockchain technology and building awesome things. If you’re interested in what we’re doing, jump in our discord, or telegram

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