Development Update #4 2 years ago

As we gear up for our ICO (August 29th), our development team has been busy these past weeks on two major milestones that are both just about ready to drop. I know you are just as excited as us. The past two week have been focused on the iOS App Prototype and the Smart Contracts.

iOS App Prototype: The development team has signed off on the v1 iOS private jet booking app and have the initial prototype ready! We’ve been working closely with partners to show off their beautiful jets and to design the mobile experience that our users will expect. We’ll be publishing some more screenshots and videos in the coming days, so everyone will get to see a huge part of our vision at Volair. For now, we wanted to share two little teasers of what the team has tirelessly been working on.


Smart Contracts:  If you’ve been watching our Git repo then you would have seen that our smart contracts are online and have been deployed to our testnet, we’ll be finalizing the last of the contracts while completing the auditing of all contracts before the scheduled mainnet launch before the end of the month.

We are exciting about what is happening behind the scenes and hope shedding some light on the progress will get you all excited as well. Check back in two weeks for another development update!

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