Advisory Highlight – Phillip Nunn 2 years ago

To continue with our second newest advisor highlight, we welcome aboard, Phillip Nunn.

Phillip is an entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fintech with a stellar social media following. In 2013, he founded The Blackmore Group with several of his closest business partners and directors. They believed the traditional approach in the wealth and investment management industry was being disrupted and they wanted approach the investment sphere differently. Today, the company manages substantial assets and a collection of investment products of individuals and institutions across the UK and overseas.

In 2015, Philipp was introduced into the world of “Fintech”, to which he originally thought it had to do with surfboards and not finance. Today, he has helped structure and launch some of the biggest companies of the future. In addition to advising and investing in various “fintech” companies, he is a well-known influencer in the blockchain and crypto space. He travels the world evangelizing and talking about blockchain potentially being the catalyst for the 4th industrial revolution. To Phillip, finance technology is more of an obsession than a choice.

He strives to inspire the Millennial generation to innovate so next generation can understand, and in turn, make it a sustainable and effective lifestyle to succeed in life. In a recent interview he stated,

“It’s time now for a new era of financial services. People no longer accept and trust the traditional channels and it’s created a huge disconnect. Currently only the wealthy have access to proper and comprehensive financial advice and empowerment and I’m working tirelessly to change that.”

Needless to say, we are excited to have accomplished influencer, wealth manager and CEO on our advisory team. Also, who could be mad about a 300,000+ online community?

Volair is excited Phillip agreed to come aboard and assist in achieving new heights with us and our advisory team. Again, welcome aboard, Phillip.

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